Monday, March 30, 2020


2020-03-30 11:46:39

Grant, 'thanks' for your well-reasoned and well articulated predictions. I think you're spot on. Everyone's anxious to get 'back to normal' but you have articulated brilliantly what that 'normal' will look like.

Regards...Donald Cooper.

2020-03-30 16:01:10

Thanks Donald. I think things will change more than most of us suspect.


2020-03-30 11:43:39

2020-03-30 10:44:30

Thanks for your insight. Helpful. I suspect your comments, for the most part. will become our future reality.

2020-03-30 10:46:18

Just some educated best guesses. It will be interesting to check back in a year, but I can't believe we will go back to the way things were.