Tuesday, October 4, 2016


2021-11-06 13:29:54

I came by your article and thought I was reading my own thought. I started reading a newspaper (in England) when I was 10 years old. After moving to Canada as a 33 year old, I was delighted to find the Journal The Sunday edition gave me up to two hours reading pleasure, Now there's little to read and the Monday edition is a joke, why even bother? So, after 63 years of reading a daily newspaper, I too am divorcing the Journal as there is so little to read. It's strange not having a paper but I'm done.

2021-10-16 11:54:13

Hello Good Morning to you
Thank you so much for putting this out there I was really thinking about getting the newspaper i had it mant years ago but I stopped getting it because people were stealing it from my doorway so I thought I'd check in to it and maybe getting it delivered again but reading what you have said here im thinking not getting it but I very always read about my horoscope and the obituaries and other news but I'm also finding that its not worth it anymore because of the size of the paper its pretty slim pickings if you ask me like what you said they just don't care about the people who work for them or there jobs in fact I believe they would rather pick at there assembles then to really get out there and get the news outthere to let the people know what is happening in our city and the world so again thank you dear for opening up with all of us and do have a great weekend and year take care and stay safe


2020-12-01 10:16:35

This article is spot on. I have been a journal reader for 75 years after being a delivery boy earned my loyalty. My subscription lapsed in October after not receiving an invoice. After 5 calls to customer service and several emails I have not succeeded in renewing as I need the amount and an address to send payment. You are correct in the failure to a timely covering of sports and other events. Newsprint is so small it is tough reading in any case. Just not worth it. Regards, Don

2020-05-04 10:02:53

Amazing - I just read this. I too cancelled the Journal after many years. I used to get both papers each day and tired quickly of the duplicate reporting. I still get the Sun for my husband. He likes the Sports pages (now not too much happening there!). I am now tiring of reading that someone in Iowa has been arrested for dancing naked somewhere. Does Alberta not have human interest news?

I have a lake house where I receive the Winnipeg Free Press. THAT IS A NEWSPAPER! I WISH THEY WOULD TAKE OVER THE JOURNAL! Mr Ainsley, I enjoyed your comments about this. I truly miss my morning newspaper! Kathleen Madden

2020-05-04 11:51:21

Thanks Kathleen. This is still one of my most popular blogs. Glad you liked it.

2019-05-31 02:46:22

only just came upon this article. I did not know about much of the stuff you talked about. I got the Journal every day, no matter where I worked in the summers. no matter where my job might take me. Had to give it up when I couldn't keep up with the amount of paper, narcolepsy, and I want to read every page. I finally just had to stop. The part I miss the most, besides all the news, etc is the obituaries. it is very hard to keep track of who is alive and who died. I'm thinking of maybe trying the ePaper, but maybe not. I could watch news on TV I suppose.

2018-12-15 08:32:11

Thank you for this very interesting, well-written article pertaining to the shockingly unfair treatment of the SUN and a Edmonton Journal reporters and editors. There is something about your writing that feels so ‘down home’, that even a calculated, potentially ‘dry’ news item is an interesting read. Kathy

2018-12-17 05:07:57

Thank Kathy. This was one of the highest-read blogs I've ever done.


2017-03-15 15:42:56

Well said and agree completely. Just this morning I decided to cancel my Edmonton Sun subscription after I am guessing over 15 years of home delivery. The reason,,,,,an automatic renewal through my credit card information without my consent. THEN I was told I will be charged $20.00 FOR CANCELLING. Really?????? Edmonton Sun, at least Al Capone looked you in the face before stealing from you.Erwin Hanefeld