Wednesday, September 20, 2017


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2017-12-19 11:24:55

Nice blog as an ex employee of 27 years let go in the Richard Anderson GM import from the USA he single handily with some strategic executive board members hired this twat to save Northlands. Its demise was already pre-ordained by the leadership of the city knowing it could never survive without the concert business.
It was always Northlands who got put into difficult spots to pull events off that private enterprise would never do government could not do but Northlands could do. Its failing reputation amongst its own people board shareholders and community always had a bad word to say about the empire built on volunteerism. The City of Edmonton never paid a nickle to buy the land maintain the property all bought and paid for by Northlands with title ownership given to the city.. After over a century of growing older than the City of Edmonton Northlands is cut off at the knees and maligned as poor managers and custodians of these amazing facilties they have built. Racetrack Barns Expo Centre Coliseum and what did it attract to the city... Brier World Figure Skating, NHL hockey trade shows of every kind, horse racing the Canadian Derby, Football Soccer Lacross and all driven by a board who trusted its management up until 6 years ago. I join you in saying farewell to an institution that never deserved this kind horrible ending