Monday, April 26, 2021


2021-04-26 21:36:38

Tam - like Hinshaw, she is a shill for the politicians - none of us knew that they only recommend and those recs are private to the minister. It is the same in Alberta - Dr Hinshaw was blaming the victims at the slaughterhouses after 30 cases and Kenney didn't do anything until 4 people died and there were 1400 cases. No public health figure in Canada was ignorant of what was happening in China in December 2019. The error was EVERY country west of New Zealand waited until covid was on their turf and did nothing to gear up for a pandemic - and that includes Europe. This is political exceptionalism not the fault of the medical mouthpieces. These politicians still are not serious in fighting covid - they think you can fight a biological war and have your beer and hospitality too. Unfortunately, this only prolongs the misery for both citizens and business.

Testing - covid sensing dogs have a record of 95% - for a non-symptomatic covid rate of 40%-60% of infected - where was the talk of testing? Provincial cell-phone trackers? privacy? where were the laws to protect health when privacy got in the way. Idiocy. Totally mishandled.

Aerosols - when you have plenty of pointers to ventilation and tight N95/KN95 masks being required - where was the province?

Biggest failure - Conservative pols fighting the Feds and old medicare wars - they don't think healthcare is a govt role and thousands are dead because of it. The only protected LTC people are the owners - outrageous!

2021-04-26 11:20:01

How about testing? We never properly boosted COVID testing capacity so that people who wanted to get a test without symptoms could get one. And it took far too long to get COVID rapid tests and at-home tests approved in Canada, compared to other countries. Provinces denigrated them and ensured the rules around their use were unmanageable and so we still haven't adequately rolled them out in workplaces and other settings where they could stop the outbreaks before they occur -- including in long term care homes, where 1,600 residents died in Ontario alone in the months AFTER Doug Ford called them a "game changer" but delayed reacting.

2021-04-26 13:22:06

Great point. I agree. Rapid testing and testing close to where the action is have been failures so far. Like I said, a list of the biggest mistakes by government could be a long one.