Wednesday, March 8, 2017


2018-01-29 11:34:37

Hi Grant, I can't say enough how this post helped. We got exactly 1 sound bite out of this recent interview. I had prepared for a 10 minute interview not realizing my audience was radio. When I happened to see this post it made me redo all my preparation and I'm so glad we did. Darren Boyer - Lightcatch

2018-01-29 18:47:26

So great to hear you did well and even better for you to take the time to let me know.

Most of the info I have can be found in one of my blogs. I also have my book for sale on the website and do online training and have some video training as well. I try to make it as simple and applicable to real life situations as possible.


2020-10-15 11:41:04

didnt help me at all.....but it could just be cuz i dont get only 15 but im not good at pulling important info out of context yet but..... ill keep trying and trying till it makes sence....thanks for putting up this article thing about the soundbites.......................15 year old student

2018-01-26 18:26:35

This was so helpful. Thanks again Grant Darren Boyer - Lightcatch

2018-01-26 19:26:48

Glad it worked for you Darren.