Wednesday, November 27, 2019


2019-11-27 11:28:09


I know it's not your role or that of your blog but when the conclusion is that "your reputation hinges on your being prepared for the interview and he didn't do any of that and now he's paying the price", that's not completely accurate even though it's true. The price he's paying (and all of us should be able to live his life going forward as a reward for being successful, never mind living it as a result of being a failure) is for his failures that resulted in the interview being of interest in the first place. Whether he is guilty of the accusations made or not, he is certainly guilty of a lifetime of poor judgement in his demeanor and choice of activity and his choice of associates and his "loyalty" to those associates. This wasn't a failure of his media interview, this was a lifestyle failure manifested in the interview being held in the first place.


2019-11-27 11:34:42

Truer words were never spoken Ken. So many people think some proper media messaging and spin can take care of a mountain of personal issues and comments. They can't. The best way to avoid a PR disaster is not to get into one in the first place.