Wednesday, July 3, 2019


2019-07-03 15:56:36

Good analysis, as always! I agree with all your points. I do find his sticking to key messages can sometimes reduce his authenticity and he isn't quite as genuine as he could be. I know you commented the same on Rachel Notley previously about sticking to prepared statements, but she somehow delivered it with a different kind of passion. - Jackie S.

2019-07-03 16:00:01

Yes, thanks for pointing that out about Kenney. I thought about him sticking too much to his key messages today and agree with that assessment. My issue with Notley and all NDP cabinet ministers was that they often read scripts handed to them by their comms people when they made announcements. That shouldn't have happened after the first year or so.


2019-07-03 20:05:37

True - but I don't think it was the comms folks that had them on such a tight leash. I was fortunate to see Rachel Notley at media availabilities after speaking at two municipal conventions and I found her brilliant at weaving her key messages in responses without it seeming like a record on repeat. I find with speaking on topics, be it a presentation or a media interview, success relies on being confident and knowledgable about the topic, but even more importantly it is believing in the message. - Jackie S.