Monday, May 2, 2022


2022-05-02 13:12:17

I also think about the response just being IDK. The newer tools have resulted in communication being more a game of ping pong to pass the problem or issue back to the person who asked vs. a conversation of IDK - but here are some thoughts of how could answer that question. I think everyone is so used to google the answer and think if they don't know someone else must have it so why should I try to explore and find a more indepth response.
Susan A

2022-05-02 13:39:13

Great point Susan. "Ping pong" is a great description of what's happening.


2022-05-02 10:39:17

Amen! How many young people might make the effort to implement your suggestions.
Bruce C.

2022-05-02 09:10:58

Good post. I think we'd still get IDK but just in a form we can understand. The truth is that many fail to keep learning thinking they've gone to school and that's enough. As the world progresses we must all do our part to keep up in order to connect intelligently rather than just provide superficial communication. ~Linda