Wednesday, July 10, 2019


2019-07-11 04:30:03

Oh I so remember the grainy pictures of Neil Armstrong and those infamous words!
I was so amazed and I can still here Walter Cronkite tell us all about it!
The Knothole Gang, such fun times!
Wes Montgomery was a character! When my grandfather was CHED guy of the day on his 90th birthday, Wes told a few stories about him. I had not known Wes knew him from when my grandfather worked at at the Y. I actually changed radio stations so I could wake up with Wes.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Cousin!

2019-07-10 16:35:19

I’ve got a memory of Wes Montgomery you might appreciate, Grant. At some point in the mid 70’s we were living in Edson - listened to Wes on whatever radio station he was with every morning. We had been in Edmonton the night before at a club east of 82 Ave where Chubby Checker had been playing. We’d seen Wes at the club that night. The next morning he played “I’m Walkin’” and then announced he liked it so much he was going to play it again. After the third or forth run, he said well I might get fired for this but I’m playing it again! It was a great start with much laughter that day!
Regards, Angie LaBerge

2019-07-10 16:38:06

Thanks a great story Angie. I remember when he used to do stuff like that. The club may have been The Point After, one of his favourite hangouts.


2019-07-10 10:46:51

This blog sure brought back a lot of memories - thanks.