Tuesday, April 14, 2020


2020-04-16 14:46:18

Excellent post, as always. My advice has always been to let the experts speak to the situation and politicians speak to policy. I'm also finding it troubling that the Alberta government has been pre-empting the CMOH updates with policy announcements, and then providing the updates that she would normally make. I personally believe political announcements should be separate from the CMOH updates. I appreciate that arranging press conferences is a challenge in this trying times, but we can do this remotely as well. I also feel like some of the politicians are feeling a little left out and are looking for their own soundbites rather than leaving it for Dr. Hinshaw. Just my two cents. Thanks for your post, Grant!

2020-04-16 16:09:31

You're most welcome. You make some very good points.

Doing them at the same time works well for the media because they get a ton of info and don't have to move from place to place. However, there's no reason the political announcements couldn't be made before or after the health updates. Biggest problem is when Kenney steals (not literally) Hinshaw's numbers. I always find it awkward.

2020-04-15 10:26:10

I agree - just because you are the leader does not mean you are the expert. A good leader knows when to step back and allow those who are experts to take the "lead." Getting one's nose out of joint because of popularity is not a sign of a good leader - it is a sign of weakness and most people can see that immediately in how one acts. Front and center is not always necessary. Love Emma Graney's question to the premier!

2020-04-14 10:52:24


I think there is more at work here than lack of practice. The first is that as Premier (or Prime Minister etc.), those in this situation want to be seen and perceived as being leaders so they intentionally take the podium in order to demonstrate that. In doing so they fail to recognize that being a real leader means recognizing that there are others more capable in some areas than they are and ceding the podium to those experts and providing credit where it is due instead of trying to reserve it for themselves. If you want to step into the limelight, you should know that the limelight does a much better job emphasizing flaws than covering them up.

Ken Cantor

2020-04-14 11:53:26

I agree ken. Premiers are the top elected official in each province and I think they feel the obligation to speak too often and for too long. It takes a fine balance between not enough and too much.

It has resulted in Kenney and Hinshaw often sharing the same information when they are at media conferences together.