Wednesday, August 5, 2020


2020-08-05 12:35:58

Another result of the pandemic is the change in delivery of metal health services. My son-in-law is a psychiatrist specializing in addictions: a rare breed. Due to the requirements of the pandemic he is doing his patient consultations via telephone rather than in person: not satisfying and far from effective compared to a personal consultation. He is fearful of patient who may overdose given the lack of regular in person supervision. AHS has observed the lower costs of delivering mental health services virtually. They are talking about potentially continuing this format post pandemic. If they follow through, Alberta will loose a young, dedicated psychiatrist who loves doing what the vast majority find (understandably) too challenging.
Bruce C.

2020-08-05 12:16:55

Grant, thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding the positive behavioural changes resulting from the pandemic. They make sense. Another example, is how churches have had to modify the delivery of their worship services to virtual: zoom and/or YouTube, etc. A steep learning curve for most ministers: one they likely would not have undertaken but for the necessity created by the pandemic. A further result of the pandemic is understandably the increase in mental health issues: anxiety and it’s related stresses. Millennials and ex-generation young people are now tuning in to multiple worship services looking for the one(s) that meet their need(s) given virtual services are non-threatening. A positive first step that probably would never have happened except for the pandemic.
Bruce C.

2020-08-05 20:07:52

Thanks for your comments Bruce. Both excellent and point out what's happening as everyone tries to figure things out. Sometimes technology works well - sometimes it doesn't.