Wednesday, July 24, 2019


2019-07-28 17:46:16

Agree with your five and as a side note, why do those who have excess or oversized luggage get it checked for free at the gate? I understand there has to be a fee but if you’re cheap at the front end it should be double the fee at the gate. I also quite often joke airplanes should replace hospitals; ever notice some of the afflicted who need to get on first and requiring extra time to board ( including those with children) are miraculously healed and the first to stand upon landing (including those with children)?

2019-07-28 18:46:48

Good ones. I will watch for "those needing extra assistance" jumping up right away.

2019-07-25 12:15:57

I agree with most of these points but have a bit of an issue with the "aisle grabbers" one. I always try to get out as soon as I can but It is to make sure to let everyone else in that row Exit first.This helps stop anyone behind me from jumping the line. If one person from each row did this it would be a lot more orderly.
One other pet peeve that would rank very high on my list - backpacks!

2019-07-25 14:05:08

You would be ok though and wouldn't be on "the list". The Aisle Grabbers I referred to are people who stand up right away and then as people are getting off the plane they don't let those who are seated get out because they go first.

2019-07-24 15:16:48

I completely agree with the first comment. The airlines themselves manufactured most of these problems. Charging for checked bags and forcing everyone to put their baggage into a space that is horribly undersized for that purpose was only destined to fail.

Secondly zone boarding is a joke. Boarding from the rear forward makes the most sense for orderly and speedy boarding. Zone boarding only serves to compound the issue of lack of overhead baggage space.

The other thing that's compounding this is the whole class system that flying "privilege" builds. I thought we started to get away from that crap back in the middle ages. Why are the airlines single-handedly trying to drive us back to it?

2019-07-24 15:28:30

All good comments.

The class system has been in existence for years as a way for the airlines to make more money. It also make things more confusing.

Thanks for your comments.

2019-07-24 14:56:10

2019-07-24 11:55:37

Great points, Grant.
But I would add that some of these problems are of the airlines’ own creation.
When they stopped checking bags for free they manufactured a problem that starts with the queue jumpers (I need to get my bag on first!) and continues with the Carry On Crammers and Aisle Grabbers.

2019-07-24 12:17:50

Yes, a classic cause and effect case. The airlines had to know this was going to happen, but the thrill of all that added revenue was too much for them to ignore.