Wednesday, August 1, 2018


2018-08-07 11:18:10

I like how you balanced winning an award for one bridge opening with the challenges of the next one. Your 'Full Disclosure' section was really well written and shows you have the background to notice and speak to an issue that many of us might not even pick up on.

2018-08-07 13:34:24

I went over the bridge on the weekend. The grading on the land around it looks much better now so perhaps there will eventually be an official opening. It will still be a year too late.


2018-08-07 11:14:38

It's clear this issue, and its connection to your former employer and role with them, has personal meaning for you. Thanks for sharing this perspective on your hometown, Grant. Love the analogies - children cleaning their rooms and housewarming party. Fun little story and a good point well-made. Cheers! S.

2018-08-07 13:33:06

Ha. Ha.

Analogies (although not always right) make things seem a lot simpler.


2018-08-01 19:07:58

Holy Christ man, maybe you need to get some bigger concerns.

2018-08-01 19:24:43

Ha ha. Fair comment.

I never said there weren't bigger issues in the world.