Monday, January 27, 2020


2020-02-03 11:26:25

Well stated, Grant. Have you received an answer from the media to your question?
Bruce C.

2020-02-03 12:58:04

I did have a couple of email conversations with reporters who used to cover the Oilers and spent countless hours around the team. They said things have changed in terms of reporters having access to players. Everything is now tightly controlled.

My comments were more about the national guys on TSN and Sportsnet. These are the guys now being called "Insiders" for the NHL trade deadline. The promos talk about their great sources and how they'll get the word first on trades. Well, these same guys didn't get the McDavid injury story, even though there were warning signs and the recovery started nine months before the documentary aired..


2020-01-29 10:28:04

I believe that reporters gain access to players and information by playing by the "rules." I wouldn't be surprised if they were even threatened in this case since all the things you pointed out were at stake if the fans lost more confidence in the team. Let's face it, when it comes to pro sports and pro athletes (especially the high performing ones/heroes) bad news is buried to protect players and profits. And I don't think the fans even want to know the truth. I'm not sure if you watched the Aaron Hernandez doc, but the Patriots knew he was up to no good and even rented him an apartment so that his criminal behaviour was kept out of the public view. It's a big problem because that covering up culture is what has allowed sexual assaults and even coaching abuse from getting reported. Heck, the NFL's Saints are even accused of helping to cover up its local diocese's sexual abuse. Unless there is a legal action, this stuff never sees the light of day.
As for the McDavid documentary itself, I didn't watch it. If I do, it will be for the production value. I like Don Metz's stuff. For me, there's an even bigger hero down the road in Airdrie, who is recovering from paralysis in an accident that took the lives of 13 of his friends. That's the documentary and the story I'm willing to marvel at.

- KR