Monday, October 4, 2021


2021-10-05 14:20:03

Nice of you to remember such a fine human being Grant!…great story!! Looks like you paid your dues!

2021-10-04 17:01:01

Another great story Grant!
Thanks for sharing!

2021-10-04 15:26:21

Great tale, Grant! To the reference of the blow dryer, having spent a certain amount of time in broadcast engineering shops, that would most likely be a heat gun used to shrink heatshrink plastic material and occasionally to heat stubborn metal fastener. Definitely not a blow drier, and I can well image the effect on his pants! Luckily he didn’t melt the polyester completely. Thanks for the laugh and a remembrance of a legendary news man.

2021-10-04 16:13:03

Thanks for that. Yes a heat gun. That's the name I was looking for.

Funny memory from about 40 years ago!


2021-10-04 12:36:07

Great story, thanks for sharing

2021-10-04 12:31:53

Really great story and background on a fellow I remember listening to regularly. Thanks for sharing Grant.