Monday, March 15, 2021


2021-03-18 17:26:36

Hello Grant
Love your blog. A related problem is sound quality or volume. While I appreciate the receiver on the laptop can't move, when players back up, their audio disappears. I find this especially frustrating during Jay Onrait's late night show on TSN, where there is no chance to 'massage' the volume.

2021-03-18 17:44:48

Thanks. This is something TSN should do a better job monitoring and adjusting. On another note, I notice when people are doing work on a panel from home and there is always a delay of a second or two in responding. This happens to Kia Nurse doing basketball work. When it is live there's obviously nothing TSN can do, BUT when it is replayed on Sportscentre, there's no reason TSN can't do a quick edit to take out that short delay. It would look more professional.